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American Income Life has Completely Changed My Life

I was an interior designer. Actually, my bachelor’s degree is in interior design and architecture. I worked as a designer for about three years and when the economy crashed in ’08, I got laid off. I wanted to be with a company that didn’t just offer me overall growth, that I wanted to be with a company where there’s a product that I can stand behind.

In the beginning, when I first started my career, my parents, basically were like, Tina, what are you doing, it’s not artistic. You’re not even a math person. I still use my calculator to this day and they were thinking, what are you doing, insurance? And it didn’t take very long where, overtime, they were like, okay, insurance, I like it. So they’ve always been completely supportive of me and they’re definitely the parents that say whatever you wanna do, whatever you put your mind to, you’re going to be successful, so I’m very grateful for their support.

I’ve been with the company for eight years now and again, with no previous experience, I came on board and really took hold of the systems and processes and really listened to my mentors. And within three months with the company, I became a master general agent. Four months later, I became a regional general agent.

And so, now, I’m a state general agent over the great state of Iowa. I am definitely surprised. I mean, if you were to tell me 10 years ago, even eight years ago, this is where I’d end up, I probably would have laughed. The company has completely changed my life, personally, professionally, and financially, and I really couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.

I was single, not married, no kids, and I didn’t really know where my professional life was going to take me. Today, I’m a wife, I’m a mom. I’m a leader of a sales and leadership team and I, again, American Income really has completely changed my life and I’m just so grateful to be here.