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I’m an Allstate Agent

The small things that you don’t think that would matter can be huge in somebody else’s world. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Hi Amanda, this is Kevin Scooby Hutchins, your Allstate agent. It’s a personal touch that helped me grow my business from one location to three. I try to treat everybody as the same way I want someone to treat my mother. I go into it with that same passion.

I’m Kevin Scooby Hutchins. I’m a well wisher. I’m an Allstate agent. I started from scratch in 2007. Zero. Zero. It was scary in the beginning because I didn’t have anyone. My business is in the Hispanic community, and they are using a lot of these calling cards, they’re calling to their countries.

So every time they sent me over a referral, I just give them a little card for $5 or $10 the most. First of all I started with my sister, her husband’s family, and then the friends. And then I made a lot of friends. They actually like what you’re doing, and that’s a good thing.

That’s a good feeling. I’m Michela Toledo. I’m a leader in my community. Soy un agente de Allstate. I received a phone call from a panicked husband, and his wife was on the way to the hospital, thought she was in labor, and she was involved in a four-car accident.

The only thing I knew to do was I had to get to the scene of the accident. There was a good distance between anywhere I could park. My only option was to throw everything over the fence and climb the fence in high heels and a dress. I don’t think you’re ever dressed appropriately for fence climbing. Of course, I went straight to my client and hugged her, reassured her. Everything ended up being okay with the baby. I was able to help during a time that they really needed me.

I’m Rachel Dean-Haas. I’m a guardian angel. I’m an Allstate agent. I thought I was going to have a career in banking, and my future father-in-law was an Allstate agent. As a matter of fact, he was the first Allstate agent in northern Nevada. There was a position that was going to be opening, so he told me that he thought it would be a great idea if I would interview or apply for that job. So I respected him, and I knew what kind of life that being an Allstate agent had done for him.

My dad was entertaining offers for somebody to purchase his agency. Initially I wanted to be a copywriter. Once I was down that road, I kind of realized that maybe I was missing out on a good opportunity here. So I’ve been with Allstate going on five years now. It’s a good job, and I’m glad I made the switch. Matt has a two-year-old son now, and I’m hoping I live long enough to see now the fourth generation. I’m Dennis Callahan. I’m Matt Callahan. I’m a legacy.

I’m an Allstate agent. When it comes to donations and things like that, I like to open my office up for that. Domestic violence shelters needed professional clothing because these women needed to get back out on their feet, interview for jobs. They didn’t have clothing, so I literally opened up my office for anyone in the town to bring professional clothing in. It’s just that sense of being able to give back for those that just are not as fortunate as us. I’m Blake Doten. I’m a ray of hope.

I’m an Allstate agent. I have experience coming here as a foreigner. In the beginning, I struggled. So I understand the people’s struggle with the language. We speak six languages in my office. Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish, Tagalog, and English.

I was doing a quote, and we ran his driving record. And his license was expired. Because of language issue, he had no idea what to do. I drove him to DMV and helped him out. We got his license reinstated. I’m very happy to be that person. I’m Yumi Sam. I’m a translator. Watashi wa Allstate ejentodes.

The tornado was an EF5, which is one of the largest tornadoes. We lost 7,000 structures and over 160 some lives. Of course, I’m thinking “Oh my gosh, what’s happened to my town, what am I going to do?” There’s no landmarks, there’s nothing. There’s no street signs. Just piles of debris.

My office was totally destroyed beyond recognition. But I also lost my home, and my kids lost their dad the week before the tornado. I lost a lot, yeah. And then I went to my primary location, and when I got there, my staff was already there. You’d hang up the phone and it would ring again. So I worked from May 22nd to July 3rd without a day off. I was very fortunate, because claims brought the checks to me and let me deliver the checks to my clients.

I would lay the letter over in front of them, and they would take a really deep breath, and when they started breathing again and get color back, they would pat it and say “We’re going to be okay. This makes everything okay.” My customers came first, because that’s what we’re here for.

That’s what the Good Hands is all about, is putting others before us and making sure that other people are taken care of.