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2020 Standard Option Benefits | Kaiser Permanente

Thinking about your family? Want the greatest value for the money? Just look at what our 2020 Standard Option has to offer. You pay nothing for routine prenatal visits or the first postpartum visit. And no copays for preventive care. And there’s even two voluntary dental plans available. Then as far as prescriptions go, you can get 100 days of a maintenance prescription for only two copays when you order refills online, by phone, or through mail order.

Plus it can be delivered to your home or PO Box at no extra charge. And if you or your family member has an outpatient surgery, it’s a flat fee of $200. Or if someone needs a hospital stay, it’s a flat fee of $500 per admission, nothing hidden or added. When you wanna get out of town and travel to places beyond Kaiser Permanente service regions, go. Urgent and emergency room care is covered in any state or country in the world, with urgent care also available at CVS MinuteClinic in states not served by Kaiser Permanente. And that’s not the only way to get care. You can save time and a copay by scheduling a phone visit or emailing your Kaiser Permanente doc.

And they’ll always have access to your entire electronic medical record history so you’ll get the personal care you need. And with our healthy rewards program, earn up to $150 per household per plan year for qualified medical expenses. When you’re purchasing your family’s health care, it’s always wise to look back a couple of years and consider how much you and your family used health care services, and if in the past you’ve bought too much or too little, and to think about what the future might hold. But for many active growing and thriving families, with everything it has to offer, the Standard Option is just right.