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Chosing a NY Workers’ Compensation Attorney: Craig Rosasco Explains the Fees and Services Involved

Hi, I’m Craig Rosasco and I’m a Workers’ Compensation attorney and disability attorney practicing in the State of New York. We’re going to discuss today as to how an injured worker chooses an attorney, what kind of fees we can charge and also what services you could expect from an attorney in the State of New York. There are several things that should be considered when selecting a Workers’ Compensation attorney. First and foremost is expertise.

You want someone who’s an expert in the area, has been handling tons and tons of Workers’ Compensation cases and disability cases, and is familiar with all the laws and the updates in the law. Additionally, you want to make sure that the attorney that you hire is available to take your calls. We hear all the time about people calling their attorney and they can’t get the attorney on the phone. My name is Craig Rosasco. I’m a senior partner here at the firm. It’s very common that I pick up the main line in the office and I’ll answer any and all of your phone calls and questions.

Last, but not least, what services can you expect from me. We’re going to file the claim from start. We’ll get all the claim numbers resolved. And we’ll hold your hand and walk you through every element of your Workers’ Compensation case until final closure and, or settlement. How do I get paid? I only get paid if I recover you money. Standard fees in the Workers’ Compensation industry are 15% and those fees are set by the judge. Most importantly, I want you to be comfortable with your Workers’ Compensation attorney. And how do you do that? By investigating and doing your homework. Why am I telling you this? Because you’ve recently been hurt on the job and you may have questions and I have the answers.

So reach out and call me. I want to be your attorney. My name is Craig Rosasco. I’m an attorney practicing in the State of New York. I can be reached at 1-888-NYDBLAW or on Internet at If you liked this information I just gave you, feel free to press the like button on the bottom of this screen and send all this information out to your friends on both Facebook and YouTube. Thanks for listening.