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You & Grange: Committed. Connected. Partners. Home, Auto, Business and Life.

One of the things that’s great about Grange, they will tell you right up front, whether it’s a claims adjuster, an underwriter or the CEO of the company, they have a 100% commitment to the independent agent. I typically thought of Grange as a personal lines carrier. My experience with them over the last two years has completely changed that mindset. Ten or fifteen years ago, Grange wasn’t even on our radar as a commercial lines market. I would say that perception within our office and within the marketplace has changed almost 180 degrees. Grange is now viewed as a formidable competitor in the commercial marketplace. The 36-month policy.

The consultative process. They’re doing things that are unique. Grange’s Ease of Doing Business: they are one of the industry leaders. You can get a quote on their auto or home product in a matter of minutes, and on top of that, their new products are extremely customizable. And with all the different options that we have, we can really design something that fits their needs and their wants. Grange is giving me all the options that I need to be able to present the client. Cross-selling with Grange just goes back to the ease of doing business.

Grange fully understands the value and importance of life insurance. It’s not for the person that you’re selling it to, it’s for their family and loved ones. It creates a bond and a sense of trust that a P&C product doesn’t. Grange is so far ahead of many of their competitors. It’s a business that’s evolved greatly. I believe that we’re on the same page in terms of what our purpose is and what we’re trying to do. It’s not just lip service with them. They truly care about the direction that Grange is going. I see Grange as a partnership forever. You and Grange. Committed. Connected. Partners.