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Chayim Herzig-Marx, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care: Northeastern University

CHAYIM: My name is Chayim Herzig-MArx, I work for Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare, I’m the manager for analytic support for the enterprise data warehouse. I’ve been involved with Northeastern’s MBA program hiring manager and as the personnel manager for corporate residents in my department. I’ve been doing this actually since June of 2005 when I first started with Harvard Pilgrim and for the last four years I’ve been coming down to do the interviewing and to select the MBA students who will be our residents and I’ve been managing them as well.

We’ve hired many Northeastern MBA candidates as our corporate residents and we will continue to do that for as long as we possibly can. We, I mean I, find that the students are very, very well trained, they’re smart, they have really good analytical and management backgrounds and they work really hard, I mean every assignment we give them, for them is like a personal challenge and something for them to get something out of. And we found that in a fairly short period of time we can bring them fully up to speed and they are functioning like any other, you know any beginning or junior level member of the staff. They bring an energy to the job and they bring an excitement about doing the work. Which coupled with they’re smart and their really high level of skills makes them just infinitely trainable.

They come up to speed very, very quickly. They’re personable, they know what they’re doing and they engage really well with our internal constituents, so from my perspective they do every bit as good a job as a fully functional member of my staff. And you know, when I only have one then I’m short-handed and when I have two then I get my job done so for us it’s a worderful program and I hope to continue for as long as possible.