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EmblemHealth Serving NYC’s Chinese Community (Chinese)

How did EmblemHealth identify Bensonhurst as an area for expanding our service to the Chinese community? What make this neighborhood unique? The reason we chose this location — Bensonhurst (86th Street) — as our new office , is because Chinese is one of most rapidly growing immigrant populations in New York City.

According to recent census data, Chinese immigrants are ranked the 2nd largest in Bensonhurst besides Chinatown in downtown Manhattan, Flushing and 8th Avenue (Sunset Park).

Bensonhurst is the next largest location for the Chinese speaking population, , especially as immigrants chose to settle down in a new home and begin a new chapter of their American Lives. EmblemHealth understands the importance to serve our diversified New Yorkers in New York City, instead of asking them to go elsewhere to find us, such as Chinatown in Manhattan or 8th Avenue Sunset Park; we opened our new office in their neighborhood and avoid the unnecessary hassles with the use of public transportation.

What will be offered at the new sales office location? At this new location, we have experienced, licensed and knowledgeable health insurance professionals to help the general public find a health insurance plan that suits their needs. We also provide guidance in navigating the complicated health insurance system with the NY State Marketplace.

And also, we help them with their customer service needs, such as change of a primary care physician; understand claims and Explanation of Benefits; and other billing questions. What kind of events does EmblemHealth attend in the community? EmblemHealth is aware of the rapidly growing Chinese population in NYC, and we would like our next generation to learn and understand the Chinese culture and heritage. We participate in two of the largest events within the Chinese communities every year.

First, the Lunar New Year Parade, both in Chinatown, Manhattan and Flushing, in late January or early February every year. Second, we also participate in the Annual Dragon Boat Festival in August, which is held in Flushing Meadows Corona Park.