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Gallagher | Join our Customer Representative Team

I love talking to people on the phone. I feel like I’m not being judged by the way I look, but they’re actually listening to me and they’re actually taking into consideration what I have to say. Gallagher is several different types of insurance, basically, support.

We deal with claims, we assist students that are required to have insurance for college, we have customer service for insurance products as well as you know like our benefits. Here at Gallagher, we are pretty much here to bridge the gap of communication.

What initially attracted me to Gallagher was the bright personalities of all the people that I interacted with from the beginning of the job hunt process all the way to me being hired and now in my day to day. Everybody helps each other out and we shoot messages back and forth to each other saying can you help me find this person can you help me find this policy number and we all work as a team and we help each other.

I definitely feel like Gallagher does support us in our personal growth especially with our one-on-one meetings with our supervisor to talk about what our goals are and what we want out of not only Gallagher but our personal lives. My supervisors believe in me and they are challenging me to move forward. In your interview they let you know hey if you give us, 12 months then we could pretty much put you anywhere you like to go within insurance.

They paid for me to be a part of the life and health insurance State exam so I’m now licensed. It’s a job that also includes growth and development. So I’ve worked with several different centers with a lot of years in this big kind of business and this has been by far the best place I’ve ever worked for. I found my my career home, where I can retire here and see myself growing exponentially with the company of Gallagher.